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Hello there!

My name is Amy. I grew up in the Midwest spending much of my time outdoors. Often our weekend entertainment was wandering in the woods and listening to my family members identify the wild plants around us; foraging, fishing, hunting what we could and bringing it back home to share. 

We were blessed as kids to have a network of miles of abandoned old rail lines running behind our house in the country. In the summer we’d pack lunches and the long range walkie talkies my mother had bought for us and spend the entire day out exploring the railroad tracks. Picking gooseberries, morel mushrooms, digging up wildflowers to bring home to plant, whatever we could find. Our parents built us a small clubhouse close to the tracks where we’d camp out and host strange science experiments, trying to make dyes from plants and building animal traps. This was the best part of my childhood. 

It’s no wonder that when I grew up I set out to recreate that magic!  I decided to create my own haven in the wild and bought a small rustic cabin. In the summer of 2021 I set up my off grid retreat in a gypsy vardo styled cabin in a clearing in the woods. After having family, friends and others ask about what I’ve been up to on my adventures I decided to make this site and share them with the world. 

What can you expect on Off to the Wild? 

Posts about: 

  • Foraging and wild edibles
  • Wildflowers
  • Recipes (for more recipes you can find me also at where I share easy Midwestern and baking recipes.)
  • Crafts and How To’s
  • Equipment and supplies